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Fast and Easy Flour Clean Up

Cleaning up flour can be super easy if you use the right tool.

When my kids were small, I hated when they used Play-Doh. It created a mess that was a pain to clean up–little crumbs of blue, red, and yellow all over the kitchen counter and floor.

Baking was just as bad, except instead of flakes of primary colors it left a light haze of flour across the countertop that would eventually migrate to the top edges of cabinet doors and the floor. And if I tried to wipe down the counter with a damp cloth, it created a glaze of papier mache glue.

Once I started baking bread, though, I found a better way. All it requires is a bench knife (sometimes called a bench scraper), which costs about $5.00 on Amazon.

A bench knife is nothing more than a flat rectangle of steel with a handle. In spite of its name, it doesn’t have a sharp blade on it, so it’s safe for a countertop. I use it to scrape the flour into a neat pile and off the edge of the counter into my cupped hand. Then I wipe down the countertop with a damp cloth and dry it. No papier mache glue residue.

If you want to bake, but dread the flour clean-up, get a bench knife. I imagine it also works well on Play-Doh.


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